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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, August 11, 2003


Forget about it.
Sorry man but Tacos you can get anywhere?
There is a ceiling on Taco Greatness right?
However the French Toast at Truco 7 is something I dream about almost everymorning.
So are thier Enchalada Moles.
There is also a restaurant right around the corner from Casa Kloster( if you are facing the Kloster it is to your right and up the stairs....they have an awsome nopalito salad.
Yogurt con fruta at El Cafe (next to Teatro Juarez) and some coffee is also bueno.
The quesadias in the Square with the Huge Shapley Trees are pretty good too.
Damn I wish I would have gone there instead of the STINKING BAHAMAS!!!!!!!
The Sorensens


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