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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, August 01, 2003

up up up to

i am putting the finishing touches on the JCAHO poster today, as well as waiting for Dr. N to pay me a visit. He's got a (really really really) cool surgery video that i've got to slice up for him to put into power point.

Also, on chapter 4 (or 5 - can't remember) of the photoshop master class book i've been working on. On page 75 of the Walker Evans biography, and i'm taking one last walk through the apt today. we've got to get all the miscellaneous stuff out before the weekend.

saturday is a yard sale at my mom's house, along with a mini bbq for whoever manages to get up down here. If it's just me and the kid and the wife, though, that would be fine too.

saw adaptation last night. loved it.


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