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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, October 31, 2003

cars as mirrors

i do pretty much the same thing every morning. i drag my ass out of bed, take a vitamin (because diana loves me) drink some water, urinate, head downstairs to make coffe. since i make a point of being 'in my chair' by 8:00 i frequently have my last cigarette just before 8:00 out on the front porch. every morning a young man, presumably a high school student, follows the sidewalk in front of the house down to the bus stop. he invariably comes to a halt in front of the large, curved rear window of my truck, checks his hair for a minute or two, then continues on his way.

this amuses me.

paul : fahrenheit looks very good. everything works/appears intentional. if i had any complaints they would be minor, like the numerous type styles used for different articles. good work.

adolph : you are a punk.

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