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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, October 31, 2003

The Haunted SUV

Todd, I think that you should get an engineer from Disney to install the same mirror technology in your truck that they use in the "Haunted Mansion" (you know, the one where you look in the mirror and between you and the other person in your car there appears to be a horribly disfigured or othewise scary ghost/zombie/undead creature). Imagine how funny it would be the next time the neighborhood youth kid guy checks his hair in the morning! It would be a lark!

Oh shit, did I just say just use the word 'lark'? Dear God.

Also, you could make up a story about how the SUV is haunted by the mangled souls of the Automobile and Oil company executives who were responsibile for the earth wreckingly poor gas mileage of said autombiles. Also, the SOB who came up with the term 'Sports Utility Vehicle' would be known to haunt the truck too. But he would only come out on the 5th full moon of every month.

Also, thank you everyone for taking the time to look at the fahrenheit demo for me. I really, really appreciate it!

Also, I should mention that both the images and and article body html (fonts) are data imported from past issues


Happy Halloween!


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