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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, October 16, 2003


After spilling out the ducks for the POD first thing I would do would be to throw out the crummy little ear buds it comes with
and pony up the bucks for some nice headphones.............
My Top ten recommendations are.
1.Grado SR60's, I swear to the God of Rock and Roll that these are the best headphones made on the planet. They are around 60 ducks so they are not Cheap BUT.....they are the open air type so Carol can listen to her 40 gigs of mp3 while at work almost full blast and still hear the phone. They are SUPER comfortable allowing you to wear them for hours.
I know Carol being the Audiophile she is will appreciate them.

2. Coming in at number two.......a very distant number two because the SR60's are so awesome. are the Sennheiser PX100's they too are the open air kind with great sound and good comfort..........I will say that they are vastly more CONVENIENT to travel with....they fold up into a case the size of an eye glass case. but they are not as durable as the Grados. They are on 40 ducks however sweetening the deal.

3. The PX200s also manufactured by Senheisser. They run a little over 50 ducks. They are the closed in Cans with mufflers. Being closed in they loose a little bit of their fidelity but still sound respectable. Another draw back of the Cans is that you cannot hear what is going on around you with them on. Which can be a good thing but not while at work. They do not sound as good as the Grado's or it's open air brethren the PX100s and are more expensize the latter but cheaper then the former.

Okay I only have three REAL recommendations.


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