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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003


Sucks to be a P.C. user.
Activation is Adobe's new pirating
software. On a windows based computer after installation of Adobe's software and putting serial in you must either "Activate" the software; i.e. Photoshop, by calling adobe or doing said activation online.
My dilema is a bit different. Manana I am going to a store to buy Photo CS.
Why? Well I have to spend money. Why? because Canon Sucks HARD!!!.
My Canon S40 takes Raw digital files.
When I bought it the software that came with didnt have ANY OSX ware on it.
So I SURFED my way over to Canon's website and downloaded a OSX compatable utility called simply "FILE VIEWER" not the best ever but it worked for conversions to tiffs.
Not needing the software that came with I kept it just the same just in case.
Almost a year later (two weeks ago) I give in and just throw it away.
Now I am running .3 and well I figured that I would just waltz on over to Canon's Website
and download it again.
WRONG!!! NOW you need the origanal C.D. to install the software.
I called customer service....they said I was Shit out of FREE luck.
But I could BUY some for 35$.!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I figured I would spend 50$ for the Photoshop RAW plugin so I could edit the RAW files in their natural state and convert them if need be.
Since CS now automatically supports RAW files (I checked the specs the S40 is supported)
they have discontinued the ware.
So here I am.
Activision is not on the Mac version of CS.
I have been wondering about becoming semi legal.
Carl has voiced his support.
Mark has as well.
Here I go.


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