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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

a gourd of considerable weight

wow paul, now i know why you cursed me. i did not know that you had been developing something. you're really working that CSS stuff too, huh?

you will never guess who called me last night as i read 'jarhead' like a man possessed. it turns out that the silence on mark's part was caused by business travel and dental surgery. details to follow.

there is one reason why i prefer the paypal option; instant payment. i am not sure whether we will require payment up front, or ship photos on faith, but either way it's gonna be a check. the former will likely test the patience of today's youth, the latter will test their moral fiber. and, as multiple music industry lawsuits have let me know, the youth of today have none. i heard brittany spears had to buy a used private plane due to revenue lost to donwloaders.

the poor dear.


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