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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, November 03, 2003

A painful story

Adolfo iv and i were sitting on the bed and i was showing him how to play with a toy we had bought for him a while ago, but he was still too little to really 'use'. I'm sure we all had one: the six circular blocks that you would hammer into a base with six just slightly smaller circles cut into it. This comes with a small, but effective, wooden mallet.

I hammered a couple of the blocks down and handed it off to killito. He weakly hammered at the toy without much effect. I showed him again. and again. and again. We played for a few minutes together. He would laugh when i would pound at the blocks, and smile at me. It was a long string of picture perfect moments.

We continued to play, eventually with me holding his hands, hammering lightly at the toy. He took the hammer in his hands and played a bit with himself. I had taken off my glasses, cause i didn't want him to swipe at them as he so often does.

I rubbed my eyes from not having my glasses on. When i pulled my hands down off my face, he was looking at me. He smiled really big and......


right across the bridge of my nose. NO! BABY NO! it hurt so bad i was crying. He stuck out his bottom lip like he was going to cry, but i took him in my arms (for both our comfort) and explained to him that hitting the toy was ok, but not daddy.

oh gosh. so i've got this little painful swelling on my nose. it's only slightly uncomfortable to put my glasses on.


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