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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Governator 3

Well I just watched Terminator 3 which as you all know stars the new Governor of California (He is to be sworn in today).

Since the horrible, horrible Matrix 3 was still fresh in my mind the 3rd Terminator movie did not seem so bad by comparison. I actually thought that the story was OK, if badly delivered.

Compared to other number 3's it ranks pretty good well.

For example, it was better than SuperMan III, but worse than Godfather III.
It was better than Planet of the Apes III, but worse than Star Wars III (by that I mean Return of the Jedi).
It was certainly better than Phantasm III, Batman III, Rambo III and the third Herbie Goes Bananas movie but it was not as good as Rocky III or Indian Jones III.
Of course it does not compare to some great number 3's like Red or The Ten Commandments III


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