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The Indefinite Article.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Another day off

Adolfo IV slept like a rock after being at adolph's. Didn't wake up at all last night, but he did wake up at 7:30 and slap me in the arm to wake me up.

We got ourselves together pretty quickly cause carol had her xmas spa appointment @ 10 A.M.
Once we dropped off carol, the baby and i headed to whataburger for his favorite breakfast: eggs, potatoes, a patty of sausage and biscuit. We picked it up at the drive-thru and headed straight for adolph's place.

He ate only a couple of bites and explored every corner of adolph's apartment, as he always does. We decided to get him out of the house. We walked along the metrorail tracks and headed towards the fountains near the cancer survivors memorial. We kicked the soccer ball around, we ran through the grass ... we tired him out, totally.

When we made it back to adolph's both of them laid down on his 'bed' and went straight to sleep. It was cute. Unfortunately, i was charging the camera battery the whole time we were out (i'm buying a spare soon, or course.) By the time i got back, it was fully charged; however, he was asleep....

2 1/2 hours later...

We picked up mom and went stright to eat at Jason's Deli. He devoured his lunch and basked in his mom's love. It's always so satisfying to see them together after they haven't seen each other for so long.


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