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The Indefinite Article.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Friday was my first rail commute.

It was pretty nice. The train stop is just over 500 paces from my office. The picture above is the scene at the Fannin St. Museum Station. When I arrived they had just dragged a car off the tracks. It was a car turning left in front of the train. I don't think it was a legal left since the train follows the lights, although in benefit-of-the-doubt land, I supposed you'd have to ask if the train ran the red.

Dryden TMC stop has a Starbucks and a Chipotle and a Subway. I'm certain that they get mobbed during lunch, I can catch them on the way home. I need to find a dry cleaners on the route. I like my dry cleaners, the guy there knows me by name (most of the time), but it is over there on Almeda, not in my commute path at all.
In terms of the number of people using the train, I think that a lot of people are probably like me, you have an investment in your commute and it takes time to change it. You have to make sure it (a.) works and is reliable, (b.) doesn't take too much more time, (c.) has good stores and services on the route, and (d.) probably a lot of other stuff I am forgetting. If it has taken me an entire week to get out of my ruts and try the train, I'm certain a lot of other people are eye-balling it for the plunge.

Houston's Light Rail System


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