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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, January 08, 2004


Hey ya'll,

I am still here in Portland. We were supposed to leave yesterday. Cancelled. We were supposed to leave today. Cancelled. We are supposed to leave tomorrow. The news says that the airport is closed untill 5:00 am tomorrow. Our flight is supposed to leave at 6:38 am. So it may turn out that we do not come to Texas at all.

In all the years that I have lived up here in the Far reaches of the continent, it has only snowed twice. Both times it has been meerly for decorative purposes. Not functional snow. "Gone the next day" kinda snow.

We are currently blanketed.

At first it was the sort of rare blessing that you dream of. The Grey sky takes on a benevolent tone and the tiny crystalls descend in a wonderfull swirling flock. People you never even knew lived next door to you emerge from there television comas and step out into the world. I say this because, we often take walks around our neighborhood and we are the only people on the streets, ever, save for some disgrunteled dog walking units. But each and every house we walk past is illuminated by the blue glow of mass media. We are losing sight of reality as a society because of our own ability to let ourselves be entertained by the creative products of superficial greed. How much space in our collective minds can be filled with bullshit. Tangent.

The wonderful snow.

We walked for hours around in it. snow balls and a crunching sound underfoot. having all of the forgotten spots covered over to sleep for a bit. everything new and hopeful.

The next day the snows cousin showed up.

Freezing rain. At first it was interesing. Glass ball bearings falling by the thousands falling from the sky, and hitting me in the eye. so the "awe of change" wears off and all the happy people retire into the houses for hot choclate and jocking for position over the heater vents. All the while the ice falls in an innocent audible snaredrum roll.

There is a two inch thick shell that completely encases my car. It is actually really interesting to pull large pieces of this off the vehicle and attempt, jigsaw style, to reassemble a hollow replica of the car.

POINT BEING. We are unsure if we will make it to Texas at all. So I am writing long-wind-ed-ly to say that there shall be no wonder twin power meeting. No "FORM OF A FRIENDLY GATHERING!" No "SHAPE OF LAUGHING PEOPLE."

ALAS, to you my good friends, I cannot tell to you how much my want to bask in your pressence. And how much I will miss this lost chance.

OH well. Screw you all. I don't need friends............I've got my army of snow and ice to keep me company.



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