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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Weekend In San Antonio

I just got back from a lovely weekend in San Antonio. The highlight of the trip was the amazing sunday morning gospel mass we attended at the Mount Zion First Baptist Church. The preacher was incredible, and his sermon kicked so much holy ass that I thought the roof was going to blow off of the church-hall. Since it was a memorial service, we were also lucky eneogh to hear a few words from the Rev. Claude Black Jr, one of San Antonio's outstanding citizens...

The couple I was visiting also took me out to the Blue Star to see Sky Patterson's (a relation of theirs) latest show. Some of the compositions were pretty interesting, and the colors were pleasing. I had never been to Blue Star, is that where San Antonio has First Friday?

To finish off the day we went hiking out at Friederich Park. It is a nice little hike in the shrinking Hill Country. We were attacked by a bear but I fought it off with my pocket knife.

I was dissapointed not to have had a chance to see the Flynns, but maybe we can all get together for Flynn Fest 2004 this summer?


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