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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, February 02, 2004


I caught this shot one weekend morning as we were walking around the block towards Lost Creek Park.

Here's the iphoto info:

I had it set on the 'Vivid' setting; other canon owners will know what i'm talking about. Hence, the extraordinarily blue sky (it WAS pretty nice outside, however). I'm a little puzzled about the max aperture (f/3) line, tho. Can anyone explain this? The exposure for this shot was f/5.6, the exposure for other darker shots has been 2.8. I don't know where this f/3 comes from.

I worked it in photoshop. I brought it in and created a duplicate layer. I used an levels adjustment layer to brighten the tree (and the sky with it) and then selected all the branches using the wand. I then, created a mask with the branch selection, and inversed it and painted over it with the paintbrush with the opacity set to about 30%, bringing out the branches a little at a time.

Then, just for kicks, i put a diffuse glow on the branches to make it pretty.


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