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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Island Stoves

Hey Killy,
There is a stove fix-it place over by my place on Almeda. Island's, well you typically have to save up a few million megabux, but there are some in the world for sale. Ha, I'm joking, you can get them at Rent-A-Center, along with a giant screen TV, perfect for watching the game when you are supposed to be knocking down walls.

Small bathrooms in older houses? You are looking at the wrong older house. The house I grew up in (1920's) had a larger bathroom than the place I'm in now, which is so large that I've thought about moving into it. Then again, maybe I was just smaller in the memories of the house I grew up in, as my memory of the bathtub is that it was enormous.

Didn't you have something about a house that has been used, Killy?


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