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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Yoplait - Products - Original

I started eating yogurt because Colin said Laura said it makes you fart less. I'm still scared of any flavor other than peach, but I've gown to have enough of a taste for peach that I have started to care about my yogurt packaging. This comes to mind because I just opened up a package of Archer Farms (Target grocery house brand) and it is the kind where it has a little resealable lid with a plastic seal underneath. Why is this? Do people really eat half a thing of yogurt and then cap it off, "mmm, mm, I'm full!" on 6 ounces of material? I know my grandmother reuses yogurt and cottage cheese plastic containers to hold chex mix and the like, but neither seems to present much of a business case for the additional packaging. I think this is why I appreciate Yoplait's minimal packaging. There is just a little foil seal at the top and voila, you're in and you aren't wondering "Do I keep this lid around in case I don't finish all 6 ounces?


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