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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004


Hyatt Regency Atlanta built 1967.
A little Hotel History for yous guys.
The Pritzger (of Pritzger and Pritzger the largest lawfirm in North America) family bought the Hyatt House, a hotel next to
the Los Angeles Airpot (LAX) in the 40's. Thus began the "Hyatt" hotel brand. In the sixties Hyatt Corp. started building
Atrium Hotels which the Hyatt Brand would become synonimous with. Those atrium hotels would be branded the Hyatt Regency's . The Hyatt Regency Atlanta was the FIRST one to be built in 1967. The fact that Mark and I shot this hotel, we have been told, means something pretty significant. It is THE single most important hotel in the Company, again so we were told. Who KNOWS? The whole hotel is pretty HO-hum. So what could be the big deal? right?
Well the Director of sales put it like thus.
D.O.S. "How long is the average home mortgage?"
T "20 years?"
D.O.S. "Maybe 30."
T "oh?"
D.O.S. "So if this hotel was built in 1967 and if it was a house, that would mean?"
T "That would mean Hyatt Corp owns a whole city block of Downtown Atlanta."
D.O.S. "Exactly plus the Corp History of the whole thing."


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