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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Dark Chocolate is Better

Carol, don't worry -- Killy's metabolism will catch up with him in a few years!! ;> Anthony's getting the cutest little pot belly, but he was thin as a rail until he turned 40 and started eating my home cookin' ...

Paul, I love your description of that garden -- do you remember where you read that article?

Some of the best garden magazines, like Horticulture and Fine Gardening, have pages of garden travel itineraries listed in the back with gorgeous photographs taken from all over the world (gardens of the Mediterranean, gardens of the Himalayas, gardens of Ireland, etc.) ... definitely my idea of a great vacation as well ... I actually would have liked to have gone to Costa Rica on our honeymoon to see the Cloud Forest, but Jamaica was cheaper and closer ...


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