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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

dollar store going out of business sale

I can't download the pictures
but last night
my mother, my sister and i went on a power shopping spree at the going out of business sale at my local dollar store
I'd been meaning to go there since last week
when the big banner draped over the store's name (1.00 mart)
displayed that everything inside was marked down to .79!
but last night was thee night
as I met up with my husband at the Kroger parking lot, we noticed the sale had been escalated
everything was now marked down to .59!

so I took Killy home, left him with the baby and put my mother and maru (who has stopped by for a visit) into the car for a late night shopping blitz

my mother proudly walked out with 14.00 worth of wares


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