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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

The Mark Cuban Weblog - www.blogmaverick.com

I remember once upon a time in VMSNotes asserting that the stock market was a ponzi scheme and the various replies that people had. I don't feel any different now, other than realizing that it is a moderately regulated Ponzi scheme that agregates capital in various utilitarian arrangements. It was interesting to read this on The Mark Cuban Weblog - www.blogmaverick.com:

Mr Gabelli disagreed. He responded with the omnipresent retort to all things stocks, �Warren Buffet buys stocks.� Yes. Mr. Gabelli, you are right. At that time he did. But he doesn�t buy 100 or 1k shares at a time as you have suggested the typical investor should consider doing, or should trust you to do for him or her. Mr Buffet buys enough shares to have influence and in many cases control. Can the average investor do that? Can the typical fund do that?


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