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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I'm at home

Left work yesterday with barely the strength to walk. Luckily my mother was at TxChildren's visiting a sick cousin. She drove me home. I immediately fell into my bed where i alternated between freezing and sweating. This lasted most of the day. I woke up at one point around 8 or so and tried to put some soup in my stomach. I went back to bed once carol and adolfo hopped in with me.

Woke up at the sound of the alarm at 5. I knew i wouldn't be leaving, so i turned off the alarms. Sleep, precious sleep. Eventually carol woke up and made breakfast for adolfo iv: a bowl of fresh cinnamon oatmeal and two eggs with cheese. He gobbled it all up -- i could hear the sounds of her feeding him from under my sanctuary of bedsheets.

I pulled myself out of bed to put him in the car. He went in without a struggle. I think he was kinda surprised to see me; he had gotten barely a look at his daddy in a day! And now i am trying to work out these body aches. I ate some of Sra. Mercado's delicious carne guisada from a couple of days ago. I feel better - stronger - but am still shuffling around.

I was just tired. Plain tired. Too tired. Carol says i'm pushing myself too much. Trying to do too much at one time. I don't feel that way, but my body seems to be disagreeing with me.

oh yeah, this is what a sale at a dollar store looks like.


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