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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Paper Lantern Version 1.2 NOW WITH UNDO!

Download your copy of Paper Lantern (523 KB) today!

Paper LanternVersion 1.2 fixes the horrible "Why can't I update my blogger blog post anymore?" problem that Killy reported.
Also, I added much need Undo functionality!!!

The problem had something to do with Blogger's recent revampification. I have also learned that they are probably moving to SOAP, so I wonder when it is that I will have to clean up Paperlantern so that it works with this new interface....

Paper Lantern is 100% pure Cocoa, written in Objective-C. It sports a SQLite database (Objective-C wrapper provided by blackholemedia.com) and uses Apple's WebServicesCore framework to handle the XML-RPC calls.


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