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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Staining the Night away

Friday night, among other things, i stained my son's new dinner table. He seems to have graduated from the high chair, even though he still eats from it. But he's got the coordination to sit in his own little chair. The last few times we've told him it's time to eat, he's run to the living room and pulled up his little blue yard chair rather than clamour for me to unlock his high chair for him.

Both carol and i decided it was time for an upgrade. We went to IKEA looking for a suitable little table and found one; nude with two chairs (for when he has dinner guests). I went to Home Depot and got some deep cherry stain and some polyeurethane (sp????) to varnish it with.

Try to imagine this with a nice deep shiny wood color. It'll end up looking nicer than his parents dinner table!

Aside from this little project, i managed to paint a couple of walls in the living room, get my car from my mother's house (which, incidentally, drove just fine; although, i'm still very interested in fixing before i get it back on the road with any regularity), get a haircut for both my son and i, got my shopping done, did another pass for fleas over the carpet with the vacuum, gave a decent sweeping to the garage, put some curtains in the living room, and most importantly, RESTED.