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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Mac OS X Tip: Where is what I am working on?

Other people may not have this problem, but sometimes I am working on something and I forget where it is in the file system. For example, I was working on a Fireworks document that I exported to html and images in the same directory, but I forgot where exactly that was and it takes some navigating to find.

So, I tried command clicking on the title in the titlebar and presto, the directory heirarchy menu appeared! When I clicked on the directory above (visually below) the file I was working on, the Finder opened up that directory in a new finder window. Perfect!

There is more: If you do the same thing in Safari, you get links to each website directory above the current web-page. There is a slight bug in this though. When I tried it with the Blogger posting tool, it gave directory up links for the URL in the querystring (the part to the right of the question mark) before the document that resides on blogger.com.


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