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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, June 07, 2004

My Father

Has gout

Isn't it hereditary??

I heard but don't know as I haven't made time to look that up.
What I have made time for though, is to look up affordable housing for my parents here in Houston.
That's right, my brothers and sisters are looking into getting my parents to move back to the states where we can help them out more easily and where we can be sure they are doing OK.

With that in mind, anyone interested in making an investment of $45,000.00 for a three year old brand new house in the beautiful and quaint village of Santiago Maravatillo?

This would be a great place for summer vacations, a relaxing, industry free, vestal environment where fresh tortillas and one type of cheese (queso fresco) are available on a dialy basis. Maybe a summer getaway??? Maybe a place to teach summer classes. Maybe a sort of timeshare where we can all buy a part in and share it amongst ourselves.
Maybe a nice photo lab...
Home base for the weary traveler...


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