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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

once again.

so there i am, sitting at my desk, working away at restoring as much email as i can after my entourage database went south. just minding my own, not hurtin' nobody, when i become aware of a small twinge in my back.

'that's odd' i think, 'maybe i am just sitting funny'

and the pain grows. and grows...

long story short : i take myself to the hospital (again) get shot up, poked and prodded (again) x-rayed (again) and sure enough; my damnhellfuckingcrappieceofgodamnedshitassbastard lung has gone down. again.

luckily for me it is just 'a little collapsed' and i can go home once i find a ride. morphine and motor vehicles do not mix. finlly get a hold of boss paul, go home and sleep 'til now.

the morphine has pretty much worn off and i am hurting again

On the bright side, i found this site for people like me.


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