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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

You Know Colin . . .

Don't Blog For Me, Argentina: corporate whore: "If you can give them a story that they can give to the next guy, and that guy can give to the next guy and so forth down the line, that is infinitly more importnat than what the graphics look like."

. . . I once read an article about Nike and how the company was all about the transmission of corporate stories. This article was from back in 2000 and I'm certain a lot has changed since then. However, the basics still apply: strong organizations typically have a distinct culture or set of shared values and the parable is the best way to get those across to other people. Jesus had it down pat. If I remember it correctly, he didn't typically say, "do this." More often he told a story and people discovered why they wanted to "do this."


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