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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, October 25, 2004


today, i will probably cut my yard tonight. It rained most of the weekend here. as carol and i came upon houston from 290 we could see a huge rain cloud over houston. i could see, in my brainpan, the ground swelling and the dark mud in the long swath of what used to be a garden running along our fence.

from the kitchen window i could see that many of the petunias that i had planted last weekend, were blooming. i went outside to count: 12. Twelve petunias were blooming; four had 'double' flowers. I think this was the first time i've ever gotten my wife flowers. she always balked at me doing that for her before. (that is not exactly true, i did get her a dozen roses for v-day the first year the baby was born.)

meagan's son is really beautiful. translucent and bald with the brightest blue eyes. he laughed at carol and i. adolfo iv demanded that carol put him down. "mama! baby! down!" pointing his finger to the floor and grabbing at her legs all the while. i distracted him with a tub of toys that carlene keeps in the house.

adolfo and i also shared a batch of blueberry muffins. while the Ben the baby coo-ed and stared and spit up on my wife.

Meagan showed up after having had problems with her rental car.

We all headed to Frank & Angies for dinner and had a 'Chairman of the Board' pizza. I don't know what a chairman of the board and a buttload of red onion and bell peppers have to do with each other, but it was damn good. Adolfo IV shoved spaghetti into his mouth and ate the crust to one of my pizza slices.

Later, paul, todd, a girl whose name i forget and i walked down sixth, to west lynn, past Don's Depot to the Mean Eyed Cat Cafe for a pitcher of Dos Equis. We hung out there for maybe an hour and listened to a pretty good jukebox. And yes, there is a Johnny Cash song called 'Mean eyed cat'.

After a pretty fitfull sleep (three of us tried to sleep on paul's futon) we woke for breakfast at El Sol y La Luna. i can't remember if i've ever ordered anything other than the Huevos Motuleños.

We spent the rest of the afternoon with adolfo, taking him to the park so he could run himself tired for the trip home. We also managed to spend about an hour and a half at the Austin Children's Museum.

He slept the entire way home, thankfully.


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