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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, October 01, 2004


Iheard the last part of the debates on NPR, so i was not privvy to the facial articulations and body posturing. But as far as on an aditory level, I thought that it was great that John Kerry was able to show directly and contrastingly that he was able to use his brain to fashion a debate that sounded as if there was something upstairs.

Bush I thought sounded abit confused and confounded.

This is what I took away from it.

For those that are not for Bush, It was great to hear Kerry confront him and handle himself well.

Those that are for bush, well by god damn it, for the first time in their lives, "politics ain't ruled by namby pamby fast talkers that caint do shit. And by god i aint gonna let go of this interest in american politics that ive never had before and once again feel as if it doesn't relate to me"
Bush has an amazing ability to be a regular everyday plain ole run of the mill asshole, and be president. This, I think is his strongest side. His ability to make every Joe on the street feel that The pres may just show up at his house and help him get out of whatever bind he is in, by the one good way anyone can understand, money+power. His ability to stammer over words and get a bit confused, a feeling almost anyone can relate to. Something that puts Politics and Political debate into a whole new realm. One that is not decided by high polish and concise thought. Almost as if it has the grit feeling of a football game. working it on a whole new emotional level.

Kerry has given all those opposed something to be hopeful for, a return to a more balanced and open view, one with more long sightedness and humanity. possibly. basically a return to something more evolved then likeable spoiled kid on the playground mentallity.


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