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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Rock the Vote ... or Not

Truth be told, there is more incentive not to vote in new york than most would like to admit. new york's electoral votes always go to the democratic candidate, even though most of upstate new york and long island vote republican. still, the voting power of the largely democratic city itself vastly overwhelms the votes of the rest of the state. so when you already know that the popular vote is not what wins the presidency, where is the incentive to get involved in the whole bureacratic process?

This atmosphere of voter apathy is worsened by the fact that registering to vote guarantees that you will be added to the list for jury duty summons to be mailed to your address on a highly consistent basis. and who can afford to take off from work for several days of judicial drudgery? most new yorkers simply toss their jury summons in the trash each month, until they get increasingly more threatening notices that the law will come and hunt you down and drag your ass into the jury box...

or you might avoid all of the hassle and simply not register to vote and just let the electoral college work its magic, counting on there being enough do-gooders on the democratic side to save your lazy ass from months of guilt and self-flagellation over a republican won presidency, especially when the candidate is a complete moron at best and a religious zealot salivating at the prospect of armageddon at worst...

but, hey, don't blame me, I didn't vote!


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