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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Tonight will be much better

Tonight will be much better. I could feel the cold through the outer wall. Is this normal?, i thought to myself. It must have been about 3:00 a.m. My son had woken up and pulled himself out of his own bed and was scampering up the side of ours. Sleepily, i reached down and pulled him up and stuffed him next to his mother. He was asleep again, but i felt the cold. Had someone turned off the heater? Was a window left open? I put my hand to the cold wall. I imagined how one might tear open the drywall and stuff it with new insulation, or even wool blankets, or even burning hot coals. I had a mini-dream with me and a utility knife and a large hole in my wall. I was stuffing the pink panther into my walls.

So, i'm going to move the bed from the wall this afternoon and caulk my window.

Tonight will be much better. Still ingering from Thanksgiving were Carol's parents. Her mother hitched a ride with carol's brother to chicago in order to visit and pick up items left from their original move to mexico several years ago. Carol's father had been staying with us. Unfortunately, he was so bored. It was raining so much that he couldn't really find much to do at the house. He was mystified by teh DVD player, so unless we started it for him, he couldn't even watch a movie. He was bored stiff. I felt really bad. We tried as best we could to get him out of the house once we got home.

Yesterday, i picked up Carol's mother and her extremely heavy luggage from the airport. Carol's father demanded that they leave immediately. That meant that she HAD to have chinese before she left (they love that stuff), had to go to IKEA to exchange an item she had bought, and go to Target to buy gifts for the ladies that were watching their house while they visited the states. They wanted to leave as early as possible. A quick search of the bus schedules left me a with a lump in my throat: 6:30 a.m. was the first bus out of houston to mcallen, tx. Of course, that meant leaving the house at 5:30, which meant getting up at 4:30 to get carol ready for work, adolfo iv ready for school, carol's parents packed and ready and myself put together for work.

This morning i got to work at 6:40 after having dropped off the parents, bought their tickets, and escorted them to the proper gate. Before, however, i did stop at the Shipley's on Richmond and 59 downtown for kolache's for mama and daddy, and a cake donut & milk for adolfo iv. Unfortunately, he didn't like ti too much, but he did drink his milk. I think he much rather have had eggs.

I will miss carol's dad. While he was around i managed to get a lot of little things done at the house that i otherwise may not have gotten around to doing. I finally fixed the venting from the dryer. A bit of advice: if you are ever working with dryer venting, save yourself some frustration and be very very aware of the diameter of your venting. I got on my roof and swept it clean. I'm glad i did cause there were a few clumps of leaves and branches that were gathering wet spots from the recent rains. I finally built a small wire frame compost heap. I took down the broken ceiling fan in the garage. I manged figure out exactly why the door to my son's room sticks (i have to buy some new screws for the door.) I hung the mirror perfectly in our master bathroom.

I would have to say that this weekend was probably my most productive so far. Saturday night, once adolfo had fallen asleep carol and i left him with abuelito so we could slip away and fetch an xmas tree. I really wanted to take adolfo with us, but the tree would not fit in the car with his car seat in it. 20 minutes later we pulled back into the garage with a modest noble fir tucked into the trunk. We placed it in it's stand with water (after a fresh trim at the bottom) and made sure it stood straight. we didn't decorate it till the next morning, which was surprisingly muggy and warm. I had to put the a/c on that night for the first time this season.

That made putting up xmas lights very uncomfortable. It is surreal to be hanging xmas lights while getting eaten by mosquitoes.

Tonight will be much better cause i now know that all i can do is treat my son's symptoms. The cough that made for such an awful evening on monday, and what kept me home tuesday is just something we have to wait out. I tbsp of Robitussin Pediatric Cold & Cough, and 1 tbsp of Benadryl Children's to keep the mocos away with the added benefit of knocking him out cold for the night.


  • cool, a compost heap!!

    By Blogger Amber Freda's, at 11:39 AM  

  • yeah, that will be the subject of another post, amber. mainly to ask for help with that. i'll post compost updates periodically too.

    By Blogger Killy, at 12:49 PM  

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