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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, February 21, 2005

chipotle lunch

chipotle lunch
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We thought about leaving him at school for the whole day, but we couldn't stand the thought of having him in there while we had two bags full of stale bread. We whizzed him out of school and planned to go straight to hermann park, but got sidetracked when we remembered the chipotle on shepherd.

it was perfect; the place was empty he ran around while his mother ordered, but was lured back to the table with a promise of chips and a cup with water and a straw.

At hermann we fed the ducks, bought a jolly rancher flavored bomb pop and rode the train around the park. He threw a fit and had to be dragged from the train when it was all over. Maybe five agonizing (and somewhat embarassing) minutes later, he had forgotten all about it, and was running up the side of the hill, but not before he had a diaper change on the stage.

we visited the water clock (sundial) in front of the natural science museum and then headed to my sister's house so i could 'fix' her computer. a full day, today was.


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