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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Utility Vehicle Scrotums

Amber and I are wrapping up a nice extended weekend of houseguests. The first was my mom on Thursday, then Paul stayed Friday night, and then Sara and Brian stayed last night (Saturday). One of the odd things in the world that they brought to our attention was the truck ball movement in Houston. Apparently the latest thing is to attach an artificial scrotum to the rear end of your vee-hicle. I looked it up online and they do exist: Truck Nuts, All Colors- Compare our Styles - A very Unique all Vehicle Accessory !

We had an extended discussion on the topic: Is the public display of testicles legal? Brian said he would be arrested if he displayed a reproduction penis or breast on this car. I'm not certain about that as those chrome truck ladies are certainly nude, albeit in silhouette. As a practical matter, it appears that they are selling these things and apparently they are out there in the wilds of Houston. Maybe I should have explored further in the website to see if they would ship a pair to Alabama?


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