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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Adolfo eats minestrone soup

Adolfo eats minestrone soup
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Most days, i take the bus home. Which bus i take depends on when i can manage to slip out of hte office. The ideal scenario is this: i leave the office at about 4:22, i 'fast walk' to the light rail stop at Dryden and Fanin. The train will arrive just before 4:30 and will drop me at Main Street Square at about 4:55 (yes, it takes 25 minutes to get downtown) where i rush off the train and run a block and a half to try and catch the '50 Heights via Hov'. If i make it, i will be dropped off in front of Adolfo's school right at about the same time that carol gets there. We pick him up together and ride home in familial bliss.

If i miss this particular bus, i end up waiting an extra 20 minutes for the '50 - Heights, Hollister'. This bus will wind through downtown, down memorial, down washington, down heights blvd, down 19th, down shepherd, to 43rd and eventually reach my neighborhood in about 50 minutes, for a grand total trip time of 1:45 minutes (not including the five minute walk home from the bus stop) from the time that i got off of work (4:30)

wednesday, i had missed the hov bus and ended up on the long trip home. instead of enduring it, however, i jumped off on 19th and met up with carol at Collinas where we had dinner.


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