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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

A tender moment

A tender moment
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It's a lot of fun these days, talking with adolfo. Sometimes, like here, he'll just quietly start talking with carolina or i about whatever is on his mind. We don't always know exactly what he is saying, but his facial expressions keep you enthralled in all the little sounds that are coming from his mouth.

He looks so serious sometimes, talking about his teachers at school, or how so-and-so got time out, or about how this-or-that is so big. Mostly, though, it's how he looks at us when he talks to us. Sometimes, when carol is talking with him, he puts his little hand on his chin like he's really really intently listening (i guess he is!) or he'll grab my face and stare into it when i'm talking to him.

this was saturday, i think.


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