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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bluetooth K!VM Anyone?

I've been keeping up with the O'reillynet developer weblogs and there is a guy documenting Dude, I *got* a Dell! over there. As he described the cable clutter and ugliness I started thinking, what if you could have a Bluetooth K!VM (!V cause it wouldn't have Video). Would a Bluetooth K!VM be a hub that used USB to two or more computers, or would there be a way to plug in more than one pairing ID on a single Bluetooth device. Like I pair one ID with one device and then pair another ID with a different device. The Bluetooth keyboard could handle the switch from one to another and communicate the switch to the mouse.

Of course, I kind of like using Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection client to connect to Windows computers because it works very well and doesn't hog up my whole interface, like switching between computers on a KVM does.


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