Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Kung Fu Hustle

I recommend the movie Kung Fu Hustle (Gong Fu).. I think its by the same director (Stephen Chow) who did Shaolin Soccer. Any how I saw it over at a buddy of mine's place; he does not own a television, rather he has a Sony VPL-ES2 projector hooked up to his Tivo/Powebook/XBox. The movie was projected onto a wall and was ginormous and looked great! Before the movie we played a round of split-screen Halo. It was fantastic fun on the big screen!

Also, has anyone caught Robot Chicken on Adult Swim? Holy mole the Two Kirks and a Khan bit almost had me pissing my pants...

One more thing: I just received a sweet pair of cheap (30 bucks!) but quality running shoes from Vitruvian Running. My boss, a serious marathon runner (he placed first in the Austin Men's category at the last Freescale marathon), recommended them:


killy said...

paul, just so you know. i noticed today that the access station in 'the park' is not 'on'. the screen is dark. i didn't have time to check it earlier, but i will in a bit and will let you know what i discover.

killy said...

I just checked it at 3:45. The presentation is running now, but the touchscreen won't respond to tapping. I had my fingers all over it: gently, go.

taggart said...

Killy, have you tried caressing it.
Telling it you love "IT".
Some machines just are not into the
"rough stuff".

killy said...

the Access Station in the 'The Park' is still not responding to touches to the screen; the presentation IS running, however.

Who troubleshoots these things when you guys are in Austin? Is there soemone i can call within the institution?