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The Indefinite Article.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Creighton & Jett gaming '007'

Originally uploaded by trudeau.
This photo is from Mr. Trudeau's flckr account of his son and a friend gaming.

i can't really tell what system they are playing on, but my experience has been that '007' games are generally pretty cool. i had a bit of a problem with controlling one of the newer versions on what was undoubtedly a ps2 or xbox controller, but i have a problem overall with the bulkiness of today's controllers. it's pretty frustrating when you want to get your frag on, but you can hardly figure out the controller.

Kudos to older gaming systems like the super nintendo which still had a pretty 'simple' controller. Even more genius (and giving away my age) were the atari controllers with it's single stick and fire button. If only they were made sturdier.

Now that i'm thinking about it, i think i would much rather keep a series of blister making moves in my head (up+down+left+left) for speciality moves rather than having a croissant-sized controller with 16 buttons on it.


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