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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

A Day

Today marks one year since Carol and I bought our home on Donna Lynn. It seems like no time at all and an eternity all at once. We (all three of us!) have made some fantastic friends (Krista, Eric and Cole) and love every minute of our existence there. Though i am perpetually concerned with the smell of the house (errant balled up diapers; old rotting pieces of half-chewed cheese; old leaky sippy cups of milk left under the couch), i am filled with a euphoria like none other when i enter. I have a hard time getting this across to Carol a lot: I like to be 'home'. On a saturday morning she is ready to dress and get in the car, but i am perfectly content to water the back yard, or turn the compost, or even just stare at the sun as it streams in through the back windows.

Even more, however, i like seeing my son at home. When he runs back and forth from the bed in his room to the stove in the kitchen i know he's going to remember that route he's going to remember the transition of rug to parquet wood. one day, he's going to trip and fall and he'll remember that; and so he'll remember the house that he grew up in. he'll remember his room and he and his mom and dad drinking oatmeal in the backyard.

Another cool thing that i've gotten used to is the Wacom Intuos 2 9x12 pen tablet. I started using it earlier this week only after my co-worker said that he just wasn't going to use it (he has a hard time adjusting to new things).

For the last month or so i've been using Flash MX 2004 to build a flash presentation to present at our annual RSNA meeting as an example of what we will be offering this year in terms of electronic presentations. After reading a good amount of 'beginner' material on Action Scripting i got started and finsihed a small presentation that i've allowed to just sit in my head for the last week or so. I showed it to Dr. G, who was an electronic presentation judge at last year's RSNA conference and he seemed pretty excited at the prospect and at the presentation itself. I got a lot of good feedback from him in terms of the way that Dr.s would want to navigate (which is the hardest part about building the presentation - navigating erratically from slide to slide and image to image).
The presentation itself, i thought, was done the 'long way'; that is, using the timeline to create tweens and fades. This only makes me apprecaite what i found on the the Flash Exchange so much more. I don't quite understand it (paul will one day explain it me next to the chimenea, i hope) but i managed to download some tween classes that allow me to script tweens rather than build each one on the timeline.

I'll post a copy of the presentation later tonight and the flash file if anyone is REALLY interested.


  • yes, post the file.

    also, you guys drink oatmeal?

    By Blogger pablo, at 8:16 PM  

  • Oatmeal is mostly a liquid, yes?

    Hmm, remind me to patent premade oatmeals in microwaveable disposable cups like those Soup at Hand things.

    By Blogger Adolph, at 8:19 PM  

  • yes, we drink oatmeal. carol has fond memories of bean tortillas and milky oatmeal. she makes both oatmeal and cream of wheat with a generous helping of evaporated milk which makes it oh so creamy and yummy. perfect on saturday mornings.

    By Blogger Killy, at 8:28 PM  

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