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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Pick One: Incredibly Stupid or Smart

Gore's new media venture seeks to blend TV, Internet / Former VP says his Current network gives viewers a voice:

"The pods will include a job-market spot called 'Current Gigs,'' a report on spiritual trends called 'Current Soul'' and segments about parenting, technology, fashion, music, politics, the environment and relationships."

Gore says that "those who are using the Internet are often watching TV at the same time. . . ." Do people really do that? Did he get that thought seeing dumb TV tuner features on LCD monitors? If they are "using the Internet" concurrently as they are using TV, do they shift focus on the computer during the boring parts or during the commercials? Is Gore going to convince advertisers to pay for spots on a network that encourages viewers to shift focus away from the TV during commercials?

The short segments are "perfect for the MTV generations,'' adds Arlen, who thinks the idea of viewer-created content is great, as long as somebody exercises quality control. Network officials say Current's online audience will vote on the videos they'd like to see make it to the tube, [but] with network editors [keeping it crappy].


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