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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Down to the Wire

This Giro is still really close as we head into the final stages. My fantasy squad had another up-and-down day. Gilberto Simoni attacked on the final climb and took over second place in the standings. I think Savoldelli can hold him off, but only if he can beat him by a good margin in tomorrow's time trial. Another problem is that Jose Rujano moved into third overall. I was really hoping Garate could get a podium spot. There is still hope as Garate is a better time trialer than Rujano and Simoni.

Oddly enough, I moved up into 8th place in the competition despite only having the 6th and 7th placed riders on today's stage. I guess not many people had Savoldelli or Garate on their teams.


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