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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Ikea Camping

Originally uploaded by khalloran.
I think that there is a genuine sub-culture of people who like to camp out to be the first or among the first in line somewhere. I participated in this once upon a time to get my little sister into a specific school. It is a good example of taking a logic to its obscene end. Something is not open/available yet but will soon right here. Someone decides to get there early in the morning. Someone else thinks "oh, I'll stay overnight." At what point to people start squatting in Ikea construction sites? I guess the construction company would have the police run them off. At what point did Ikea decide not to say "no trespassing?" It must be something of a good publicity stunt for them--the evening news loves to cover a good urban waiting-camp.

Flickr: Ikea Camping Pictures


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