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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Post-Giro wrap-up

My fantasy squad finished in 38th place out of approximately 800 teams. Not too shabby, but a little disappointing since I was in 13th place going into the final day. I had both the winner of the final stage and the overall winner. Unfortunately, I only had one other highly placed rider in the final GC. I think you really need to have the top two GC riders or maybe even the top three to crack the final top 10. I was relying on Cunego and Garzelli to put me in that position, but it didn't work out.

Next up is the Tour de France where I have a better record. Last year I finished in 16th place and the year before I finished in 2nd. This year will be very difficult to pick. Due to the structure of the game, players will have to pick only one of the podium favorites. (I am assuming Lance Armstrong, Jan Ullrich and Ivan Basso are the top favorites for the podium.) At the moment I am leaning toward Ullrich. He is a far more talented rider than Armstrong even though his preparation and tactics are highly questionable. Until last year Ullrich had never finished worse than 2nd at the Tour(!) Jan Ullrich is the only man in the world who can show up at the Tour out of shape and ride himself into a podium spot. But then there is Basso. He is potentially as talented as Ullrich and he has a brilliant team director... I need to think about this.


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