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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


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but the reality is - killy and i believe that our marriage actually started the day my parents gave us their blessing to live together - so that in the eyes of god we wouldn't be living in sin - that was sometime in july of 1996 - so then this would make today just any other day - except for the wonderful scene that was our wedding - this day four years ago that friends and family gathered to watch my husband give his life away to me and i got to wear a pretty dress

also - killy and i were already common law married anyway since we'd been living together - with my parent's blessing - for four years before we got hitched
the main reason we actually got married - killy says it was for revenge - i say it was because i wanted to honor my mother and father - also because i never had MY day - i mean - i'm a mexicana and i never had a quinceanera - so this wedding celebration was MY day to be a princess

underneath all of this folderol - killy and i are married - truly married - because we have have the blessing of those who love us who can see that ours is a strong union - furthermore - they understand that there is nothing that can separate us - that any problem or any obstacle will be overcome by the great love we share - and in killy's case - by the desire for revenge

so what did i learn during these four years - that the things about my husband that drive me crazy are also the very qualities that have made my home and my life a comfortable place for me - that no matter how much he wants to better himself - he will never stop biting his fingers - that his socks can be found all over the house in secret corners and nooks and crannies - that he eats with gusto - damn - you bet - that he has a green thumb and an electric touch and he really and truly is a handyman - that he is a wonderful father and loving husband and a truly selfless man

so what makes our marriage successful

i believe that the spiritual part of marriage is born by the strength of our love - that the social union that is our marriage is embodied by those who love and care for us - and finally that the legacy of our love will be kept alive in the memories that our children will have of their parents who continually love one another no matter what

i look forward to growing old with my husband - i will stay healthy and strong so that i can continue to pick up his socks from whatever corner they land in - i will celebrate my love for my beautiful husband every time he chews on his finger and i will patch up the bleeding with a bandaid


  • i only wish my love is as strong and beautifully continuous as the monster that is : Killy and Carol.
    I love ya'll so much !!!!!!

    By Blogger B-ann, at 11:10 AM  

  • Wow Carol,

    You better love that guy, he sure was a mess without you. That was a beautiful thing you wrote. i was imagining you writing it right after you had punched in his nose or chocked him till he was almost dead....almost.

    I am glad to witness your love for each other.

    By Blogger colin, at 2:26 PM  

  • i concur. well said as usual Carolina. i think the two of you thrive on mutual exasperation, one of the mutual traits that convinces me that the both of you are nuts. but yours is a lovely lunacy and i am glad to have witnessed as much as i have and look forward to more.

    By Blogger todd, at 10:27 PM  

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