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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Blog...with these hands...?

Hi all,

First post in a long time.
It is good to see Paul finally has an outlet with this blog thing.
Look at all those posts.

I like hearing about the soccer games, I can't play right now, my knees are way out of comission.
They have always given my low grade trouble, complaning if I don't really stretch out, always having some sort of comment on all my activities. But was in a game about a month ago and I had to walk out in the middle, I knew something was not right. Been putting off going to the doc.

The Snow is starting to fall on the mountain, they opened a couple of runs at one of the resorts this last weekend, I don't know if my knees will permit me to make it up there this year.

I just posted some of Laura's etchings to my flicker account. go take a look at them and send her an email.


The girls are getting bigger, 6 and 13. I will send some photos soon.

How do you know where to find the Uploader, so I don't have to ask eack time I want to use it. Where is it kept?
Is it like the Rancor, kept in Jaba's basement only allowed out to devoure the technolgically un-savvy.

blagh blagh blagh


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