Tuesday, January 24, 2006

i made a flip book

it was FUN
see HERE


Pablo said...

neato burrito!

colin said...


I made one too.

it's called nice kitty

Pablo said...

sweet! here is the link to colin's

nice kitty

todd said...

yay everybody!

i 'rescued' a cat from a roof top this past sunday, and was really scared of the scratching claws of death. mostly since i was about 7 feet off the ground wedged between a fence and a buidling. luckily kitty was willing to be rescued and we all walked away without incident. which allowed me the joy and pleasure of seeing carolina's and colin's wonderful creations.

colin said...

I once saw a comercial that talked about the unsung heros of our modern world. Ones that do not wear capes and do not out run bullets.

I believe that Todd Serpa is one of these, although I suspect, that he does wear superman under-roos.