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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

UT Victory!!!!

I caught the 2nd half of the UT-USC Rose Bowl game last night at the Tavern with Taggart, Liz, Todd and Dianna. The place was packed, of course, and appropriately loud. When UT won the place erupted in pandamonium. It was fun to be amongst such tribal energy.
Special thanks to Taggart for the marathon 7 hour 7 pitcher save-everyone-a-seat mission he performed.


  • Amber and I were headed to bed when there erupted this giant noise outside. It was as if a thousand car horns honked at the same time and never stopped. We hadn't watched any of the game, so I rushed to ESPN.com and Amber to the TV--sure enough it was the sound of victory. It kind of reminded me of listening to a soccer game from the balcony of that place we stayed at in Guanajuato. The whole valley seemed to reverberate with each goal.

    We fell asleep the the sounds of cars honking and peeling out, barely muffled motorcycles and trucks and screams.

    By Blogger Adolph, at 12:03 PM  

  • That is funny. I watched the game at a place called the Tavern, but in Houston.

    By Blogger Ethan, at 6:11 PM  

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