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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Bitter, bitter cold...

It was so cold this weekend! On sunday a buddy of mine picked me up around 7 am and we drove up to Dallas to see the US National Team play Guatemala. The roads were treacherous. On I-35 every over-pass was covered with ice, so you had to traverse them at < 40 MPH. We counted 8 spun-out wrecks. Strangely, ALL OF THEM involved a white pick-up truck or SUV. It was uncanny…

Anyhow, we got to Dallas eventually and made our way to Pizza Hut Park, a beautiful ‘soccer-only’ stadium in Frisco, Texas. Frisco is an exurban wasteland, but man does it have nice soccer facilities. I mean, the stadium is sweet: small and intimate, it is a ‘sunken bowl’, and every seat is a good one. Surrounding the stadium is a complex of soccer fields with beautiful turf. I would love to play on such fields…

So it was still sub-zero by 1:00 when the game started, but I was well prepared for the cold so I didn’t mind it too much. The game was pretty swell. I am used to seeing the U.S. team struggle against better opponents, so it was nice to seem them stomp Guatemala 4-nil.


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