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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Last 2 Minutes, 2 Goals, 2-2 Tie

Ay! I thought Sunday was going to be my glory day. In the first half I pulled off a classic Roberto Carlos style run from the right fullback-position: I received the ball at the half-line, pushed wide and level with the box and hit a cross right on target to our left wing striker Kurtis, who, running at full stride, one-touched the ball in to put us up 1-nil. What a fantastic feeling…

The high continued into the 2nd half as Arturo, who has clearly developed a taste for the goal, put in his third for the season with rocket-shot off the bar, followed up with a solid finish.

We were up 2-nil and the other team was exhausted.

And then, in the 88th minute a fluke kick wafted over our keeper’s outstretched hands, deflected down off the top-bar and across the goal line. Suddenly the other squad was back in the game. And then, in the last play of the game, the ref awarded a ridiculous free-kick to other squad, they packed the goal, kicked it well and in the scramble the ball squirted in to make it 2-2. The whistle blew and instead of a glorious victory we were saddled with a miserable tie.

Props to the other team for sticking it through to the end.


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