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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

best. purchase. ever

so, it finally happened. one of the drives in my wonderful, lovely, Miglia MediaBank HS-R external hard drive enclosure crashed. died. gave up the ghost. kicked the bucket. after several heart-pounding seconds of sheer panic i regained my composure and decided to trust the technology.

one quick trip to MicroCenter (which is next to a hotel where a guest had a bleating sheep in a trailer) later i had a shiny new drive to slide into the now vacant tray. i formatted that drive, popped it into the enclosure and watched it go about the business of copying all of my precious, precious files onto the new disk.

while i was waiting i made this little movie. so far we are at 86% rebuilt. i have not had the nerve to open any files, but my fingers are crossed and i will keep you posted.



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